Energy Recovery Technical Tips


Frost control of Innergy tech products

Frost control with any energy recovery component is a function of the outside air and returns air conditions (airflows, temperatures and humidity) as well as the component type and effectiveness. Keeping in mind that if only one variable is changed, a component that was previously not in a frost condition may suddenly develop frost, close monitoring of the leaving conditions is important.

While heat pipes and plate exchangers will not suffer from permanent damages even if totally iced up, the same cannot be said with energy recovery wheels. With wheels, the application of the ‘’better safe than sorry’’ principle is strongly recommended.

Fortunately, following the recommendations below will ensure no frost formation problem is encountered even if the entering conditions are changed. Lastly, frost formation on energy recovery products is a complex subject and while the solutions given below will cover most of the applications, we invite you to contact our sales engineering team (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 1-800-203-9015) with any questions.

Consult our document for all our recommendations depending the products you’re using.


Wheel The Purge Section

The purge section is a useful addition that can be used for many wheel installations and will have the effect of greatly reducing carryover contamination.


Adjusting the purge angle can be done by following the simple steps shown on our purge adjustment sticker. The correct purge angle for your application can be found by entering your design conditions in our Winnergy Pro selection software and increasing the purge angle until one of the three following criteria is met:

  • The EATR value reaches the maximum acceptable value per ASHRAE 62.1.
  • The EATR value becomes 0% (no exhaust transfer).
  • Your upper acceptable OACF limit is reached.

Consult our document for all our recommendations depending the products you’re using.

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