A new branding for Innergy tech

Innergy tech new brand vision, "Setting the standard for energy recovery", expresses the tremendous improvement since its first air-to-air energy recovery product to the actual and most complete line of product on the market. From Heat Pipe to Sensible/Enthalpy Plate exchangers and Energy Recovery Wheel Innergy tech is really setting the standard for air-to-air energy recovery.

The new logo is going in the same direction inspired by Innergy tech's counterflow enthalpy exchanger that we invented and created in 2005. The EPE6000 included now is pushing the limit with better effectiveness than the previous cross-flow design shown in our previous logo. As part of our Research & Development program innovative new products are developed over the years to follow the evolving needs of the energy recovery market.

To complement Innergy tech's new brand vision, the new website is launched simultaneously. The new "proposing innovative technologies" and "tips and technics" pages will offer more comprehensive information that will help our customers. Those sections will be on-line in 2015. Innergy tech had been founded by engineers who placed engineering at the hearth of the company since its early beginning and with this new website we will be communicating more easily our passion.

Please go explore our brand new website and enjoy your visit.

The Innergy tech Team