Introducing Innergy tech’s 3rd generation of its Winnergy selection software: WINNERGY PRO

Innergy tech proudly introduces its third generation selection software WINNERGY PRO. With its uniquefeature enabling you to change from an energy recovery wheel (Heat wheel) to a plate or heat pipeexchanger with a single click of your mouse, selecting heat recovery components has never been soeasy. With its full support of all our AHRI certified ( products including Fixed PlateExchangers (sensible), Enthalpy Plate Exchangers (moisture), Heat Pipes and Energy Recovery Wheels(heat wheels ), WINNERGY PRO is the perfect tool for all your energy recovery components’ selections.

Based on a new software platform, WINNERGY PRO was designed to enhance the user’s experience withan intuitive and easy to use interface, quick calculations as well as clear and complete results. Based onall our AHRI laboratory tested and certified data, our highly stable and improved psychometric equationslead to never before seen results’ reliability and precision.

This FREE engineering software gives you all the information needed to complete your projects. Yourselections can be saved, printed as well as modified at anytime by reopening your project’s file.

WINNERGY PRO features:

  • Change from heat wheels, heat pipes or plate exchangers on the fly!
  • Enhanced graphic design and user interface.
  • Enhanced psychometric equations.
  • Fast performance calculations.
  • OACF / EATR calculations.
  • Fixed Plate Exchangers (sensible), Enthalpy Plate Exchangers (moisture), Heat Pipes (straight and wrap-around) and Energy Recovery wheels’ support.
  • Easy product selection.
  • Performance data can be printed, saved and modified easily.
  • Imperial or International system of units.

WINNERGY PRO add-ons for 2011:

  • Dual components calculation.
  • Enhanced frost control calculations.
  • Energy savings calculations.

WINNERGY PRO can be downloaded from our website at For any additionalinformation please contact us. WINNERGY PRO….Your life just got easier!