The NEW I3 third-generation energy recovery wheel

Completely redesigned - 5 years warranty - Patent pending seal system

Innergy tech is launching its new and improved I3 Energy Recovery Wheel aluminum plate exchanger ready to ship in July.

Innergy tech's third-generation energy recovery wheels (heat wheels), the new I3, is more than ever the most effective air-to-air energy recovery technology. In a world where new standards for indoor air quality (IAQ) leads to increased heating, cooling, humidifying and dehumidifying energy consumption and costs, HVAC manufacturers and building owners are now more than ever on the lookout for solutions. Fortunately, no other product is better equipped to face this challenge than Innergy tech's energy recovery wheels.

The features included with our new I3 energy recovery wheel results from years of research aided by state of the art computer simulations, laboratory tests and full scale prototypes. Everything has been enhanced, redesigned and re-engineered with more than 90% of new components for greater reliability and effectiveness.

The Innergy tech research team also though ‘’outside the box’’ and designed a revolutionary seal system so air tight that it can save up to 40% per year of your fan operating costs. In fact, without even considering the energy recovery aspects, our new AirLoop™ labyrinth seal (patent pending) can generate enough operation cost savings to pay for the entire wheel within just a few years.

And there you have it, for the first time an energy recovery wheel that not only focus on saving heating and cooling, sensible and latent energy but also reduces your fan energy costs compared to other wheels on the market…Contact our sales team for more details!

In fact, not only does this technology can help in meeting or even exceed all these regulations, but it can also result in substantial energy savings which often lead to some of the shortest payback periods seen in this industry.

Furthermore, with its high quality construction, its choice of desiccant and AHRI certified performances, one can easily understand why Innergy tech’s energy recovery wheels are fast becoming one of the most popular energy recovery components in the industry. 
New features of the I3 heat wheel:

  • Recovers sensible and latent energy
  • Rapid payback due to high levels of effectiveness
  • Bactericide desiccant; will not promote growth of mold or bacteria
  • Choice of desiccant: Polymer or Molecular Sieve 3A
  • New patent pending AirLoop™ labyrinth seal
  • Segmented design for ease of maintenance
  • Aluminum media for increased fire protection
  • Meets NFPA 90A and NFPA 90B, tested under UL Standard 723
  • AHRI certified performances; Bears the AHRI Standard 1060-2005 certified seal

The new I3 Energy Recovery Wheel by Innergy tech is ready to ship in July and technical information is available from our website at For any additional information please contact us at or 800-203-9015 (819-475-2666).