AHRI Appointment

Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment (ERV) Section

We are proud to announce that Marc Tardif, Eng., CEM and Senior Application Engineer at Innergy tech has been elected as chairman of the Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Ventilation Equipment (ERV) Section at AHRI. Marc, who was previously vice-chairman of this Section, will serve for a 2 year-term.

This section is working on both the AHRI Certification Program and Standard 1060 for energy recovery components and packaged energy recovery ventilation units. These components and units employ air-to-air heat exchangers to recover energy from exhaust air for the purpose of pre-conditioning outdoor air prior to supplying conditioned air to the space, either directly or as a part of an air conditioning (including heating, cooling, circulating, cleaning, humidifying and dehumidifying) system.

With energy costs continually rising, the challenge is even greater and we have high hopes that the committee will accomplish its crucial role.

Innergy tech AHRI’s involvement

At Innergy tech, we strongly believe in third party certified performance as the only way to ensure quality products that will perform as designed. Based on this belief, we have been part of the ARI1060 certification program since its inception as well as being an active AHRI (Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute) member. This continuous effort has resulted in a well-established industry certification program that provides our customers with peace of mind since they no longer have to accept self-certified products.

AHRI association

The Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is the trade association representing manufacturers of more than 90 percent of the air conditioning, heating and commercial refrigeration equipment installed in North America. AHRI is an internationally recognized leader in developing standards for and certifying the performance of these products.

The purpose of the AHRI Product Performance Certification Program is to:

  • Assure buyers that manufacturers produce products with consistently valid ratings, thus enhancing buyer confidence in the performance of participating manufacturers’ products and discouraging the marketing of products with invalid ratings;
  • Encourage fair competition in the market;
  • Maintain industry-driven certification;
  • Facilitate compliance with various state and federal efficiency regulations;
  • Serve as an accredited Certification Body (CB) to participants for compliance with ENERGY STAR® qualification;
  • Facilitate applicable tax credits and rebates;
  • Meet verification and reporting requirements driven by state and federal government regulations.