Thermogain heat recovery and wrap-around heat pipes now certified under the UL 207 standard!

Innergy tech is pleased to announce that both its heat recovery and wrap-around heat pipes successfully passed all tests required by the UL 207 Standard for Refrigerant-Containing Components and Accessories, Nonelectrical. 

In order to obtain UL207 certification, the tested pipes had to resist up to five times their highest operating pressure. Innergy tech pushed the envelope well beyond requirements in this regard, selecting an operating pressure equivalent to about 150°F mean pipe temperature (277 psi or 1.89Mpa), even though heat pipes seldom see outside air temperatures in excess of 110°F.

The pressure tests were therefore performed at 1375 psi (9.48Mpa). Even given the very high pressure, all samples successfully passed the test.

These tests also corroborated Innergy tech factory burst tests that reached even higher internal pressures.

For any questions please contact the Innergy tech sales team at or 1-800-203-9015 (819-475-2666).