Setting the highest standards for our sick children

The CHU Sainte-Justine Children’s Hospital has announced its expansion for the summer of 2016- the construction of a new 7-storey pavilion, adding a total area of 43,269 m² (ft²). This new building will be located west of the current CHU Sainte-Justine building and will be fully linked floor by floor with the existing building via footbridges and underpasses.

Always striving to offer the best possible facilities to patients, staff and visitors, when the time came to choose the right supplier, the choice was Innergy tech for the energy recovery components in the ventilation units.

The contribution of Innergy tech in the expansion of the CHU
Considering the scope of the project (one of the biggest in Québec after the CHUM and CUSM), no less than 10 energy recovery wheels of 10 feet in diameter coupled with ventilation units of 41,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) each, for a total of 410,000 CFM, will be installed in the building.

These energy recovery wheels surpass the highest standards of performance in the industry and allow for a greater supply of fresh air, thereby increasing the quality of air while conserving a superior recovery of energy. 

In addition, from a “health” standpoint, the composition of our wheels guarantees a better quality of air and the non- spreading of bacteria in fresh air.

Besides energy recovery, the Innergy tech components will bring a lot more to the beneficiaries. Thanks to the superior performance of our components, an additional reduction of over 20% in operating costs will be reached compared to our competition in short or medium term. 

Result: By choosing our energy recovery wheel and integrating it into the ventilation system, the project will quickly become cost-effective just by what its saves in operating costs. Therefore, CHU management will be able to rapidly invest funds in what really matters to them: the quality of care offered to patients.


A large-scale project!
The addition of new facilities will bring the total surface area of the CHU Sainte-Justine to 200, 000 m2, an increase of 65% over its total current surface.

Thanks to these new developments, the hospital’s multidisciplinary health care teams will now integrate health care, research and education at patients’ care points. The CHU Sainte-Justine will offer 419 beds in single occupancy rooms (10 double rooms in neonatology to accommodate twins), including 261 beds in the new Special Care Unit (SCU) and 158 in the existing renovated building.

Construction is underway and should be completed by autumn 2016.

Innergy tech is proud to be a part of this great project that will be beneficial to the community.

About Sainte-Justine
The Montreal Sainte-Justine Hospital is one of the most renowned hospitals in Canada whose mission is to improve the health of Quebec children, adolescents and mothers. It is the second university hospital of l’Université de Montréal, specialist in mother and child. In fact, it is the only health establishment  exclusively dedicated to children, adolescents and mothers in Québec, the largest in Canada, and one of the four most important in America.