Innergy tech supports LEED projects!

Each year, as one of the largest suppliers of energy recovery components in North America, Innergy tech helps many projects in their goal of achieving LEED certification.

Through its highly effective I3 energy recovery wheels, Hoval sensible or EPE5000 series enthalpy plate exchangers and even its Thermogain heat pipes, Innergy tech components are always considered as having a major impact on the building energy model's end results.

Thanks to their great effectiveness and low pressure drops, our energy recovery components allow buildings to meet and exceed the indoor air quality for the Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies credit while greatly minimizing the required energy use. The improved energy recovery effectiveness and lower fan operating costs (due to low pressure drops and reduced leakage for the wheels) directly contribute to the important Optimize Energy Performance credit.

Meeting and exceeding the requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 as well as ASHRAE 62.1, our components can help achieve a total of up to 20 points in the Energy and Atmosphere as well as Indoor Environmental Quality credit categories (half of the points needed to achieve the first LEED Certification level).

Now with a LEED Green Associate accredited professional engineer in its rank, Innergy tech moves one step further to support and promote sustainable green buildings. Have any questions on how our products can best contribute to your LEED project while meeting the ASHRAE reference standards? Contact us, we can help.

For more information on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), please visit the USGBC or CaGBC websites.