With rising energy costs, the effectiveness level of energy recovery components is fast becoming a critical aspect when designing new and retrofit HVAC air handling units. Since HVAC heating and cooling can account for nearly half of the total building energy use, making sure you get energy recovery products that perform as advertised by the manufacturer is essential. One question remains however: How do architects, engineers, contractors and building owners know the energy recovery components they intend to install will perform as claimed? The answer is actually simple: Install energy recovery components certified by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).

AHRI's 1060 standard is globally recognized and Industry respected, consistently demonstrating that performance claims have been measured and verified by an independent laboratory under contract to AHRI. Upon the yearly verification, the AHRI Certified mark is applied to the component to serve as a visual statement of conformance.

Certified products are listed in the AHRI 1060 Directory with all their tested performance results (www.ahridirectory.org), Commercial Air-to-Air Energy Recovery Ventilators).

AHRI 1060 certified components; luckily there are still easy decisions...

Certifications Innergy Tech

The Innergy tech and AHRI history

As a responsible manufacturer, Innergy tech was one of the first companies supporting the AHRI 1060 certification. Even at that time, our deep understanding of the industry and its need for a truly independent and recognized organization made the decision of certifying all of our products easy. As a result, today Innergy tech is proud to be the company offering the broadest selection of AHRI 1060 Certified energy recovery components in the industry including:

  • Energy Recovery Wheels (I3 product)
  • Enthalpy Plate Exchangers (EPE5000 and EPE5500 products)
  • Aluminum sensible plate exchangers (Hoval and AHE500 products)
  • Polypropylene sensible plate exchangers (PHE500UL products)
  • Heat pipes (Thermogain product)

Backed by our years of successful collaboration and implication within the AHRI-1060 certification program, Innergy tech is also more than proud to have in its rank the current chairmen of the 1060 standard, Mr. Marc Tardif. Mr. Tardif has over 15 years of experience in the design and sales of energy recovery components at Innergy tech.

He holds a degree in Physics from the University of Montreal as well as a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnique school of Montreal. Mr. Tardif is a member of the Quebec Order of Professional Engineers, a member of the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers as well as the Association of Energy Engineers from which he holds the Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.) title.

Recently selected by a group of industry leaders supporting the AHRI 1060 standard for his years of experience and his deep understanding of the AHRI 1060's main objectives, Mr. Tardif, along with his collaborators, will insure that the AHRI standard continues to improve and gain new members in the years to come.