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Heat recovery and environment protection

Choosing heat recovery not only means reduced energy costs, but it also greatly contributes to the protection of environment.

Producing energy is expensive both in terms of money and natural resources. It is the source of an important amount of pollution and therefore is in direct relationship with global warming. A common knowledge is that one of the biggest challenges of modern human society will be to find ways to produce low cost energy with minimum environmental impact. What is surprising however is that very few know how heat recovery, a technology available today, can help to achieve that goal.

Reduced energy consumption inherently means a reduction in pollutants (including greenhouse gases (GHGs)).

Choosing heat recovery is assuming our responsibility towards the future generations and the environment.

Heat recovery for reduced energy costs

By reducing peak heating and cooling requirements, heat recovery enables the downsizing of the heating and cooling systems. In fact, the first cost savings due to downsizing your heating and cooling system will often be enough to offset the added first cost of your energy recovery equipment. In the other situations where the total system's costs are still higher, the resulting energy saving will quickly make up for it with amortization periods that can be as low as 6 months.