Green Commitment Innergy Tech


At Innergy tech, the green initiative is not only a marketing trend, it is a commitment that involves taking many Green incentives.

Below are the actions that we have taken demonstrating our dedication in reducing the negative impact of our operations on the environment.

Our actions to: COMPLY

  • Our factory has been certified by the government authorities and found to be compliant on every aspect of environmental laws.
  • Upon completing a study of our energy consumption in our factory, we concluded that we operate at an optimal level in most of our manufacturing processes. Additionally by conducting such a study we were able to determine that our factory has the ability to maintain the same level of competitive usage in energy as prior to the implementation of green initiatives.

Our actions to: REDUCE

  • All ventilation equipment in our factory has been equipped with an energy recovery component. Our factory uses a 108" sensible wheel, 2 polypropylene HRV cores, and 2 enthalpy cores (ERV), all of which significantly reduce our energy consumption.
  • A precise measuring tool was installed on our commercial wheel winding machine to increase the precision on wheel diameter; resulting in a reduction of aluminum waste.
  • An "all in one" copier/scanner/printer/fax was installed that is linked to our network; significantly reducing our paper consumption.
  • ALL of our RFQ & Sales process have become 95% paperless; additionally reducing our paper consumption.
  • Our residential wheel manufacturing process has been modified to reduce our energy consumption by 18%.
  • A 40% reduction in our chemical waste was a result of our desiccant manufacturing process.
  • The installation of a new air compressor resulted in a 60% reduction in our energy consumption.

Our actions to: RECYCLE

  • 100% of our cardboard boxes are recycled and taken to a specialized recycling company.
  • We implemented a recycling program for our propylene waste generated by the HRV cores manufacturing process.
  • This practice enables us to recycle 97% of propylene waste and saves 12 containers (40 feet) from entering to the landfill on an annual basis.
  • All of our aluminum waste and steel waste generated by the HRV cores manufacturing process and commercial wheels are recycled.
  • All of our wood pallets are either re-used or recycled.

Our actions to: RE-USE

  • A percentage of our standard polypropylene core materials are RECYCLED from our factory to be RE-USE D in our cores.
  • Majority of our internal battery requirements have been switched to rechargeable batteries. Additionally all used batteries are sent to special area for safe disposal.

Innergy tech is not only engaged in SELLING green products but is continuously taking actions to reduce its own environmental footprint on the planet.