Innergy Tech Team


Continuous improvement with our Research & Development team

Innergy tech has always been at the forefront of development of new products. Every year, we bring new and improved heat exchangers to the market. Our Engineering team is developing and testing components with the help of our stage gate product development process, in-house lab facilities and computer simulations. Performances, long-term life cycle, defrost mechanism, cross contamination and gas transfer can be tested and pushed to the limit. To complete the R&D process, most of our new products are pre-tested by a third lab party before being officially released for certification.


  • Products performances
  • Cross leakage performances
  • Humidity and heat transfer
  • Pressure drop and pressure differential
  • Tracer gas test
  • Cold chamber for frost testing
  • Long term life cycle
  • Impact test

Professional Sales team

In conjunction with our Research & Development Engineering Team, Innergy tech is offering our customers a highly skilled sales force team with the presence of professional engineers, fully dedicated to fulfill customer needs, answering all questions and most important, guiding you throughout the world of the air-to-air energy recovery world.

Operations team

In order to manufacture and deliver quality and innovative products to our customers, Innergy tech has a committed operations team that consistently delivers superior results. Building on decades of experience, the operations team has developed unique expertise in automation, lean manufacturing, and is continuously seeking improvements in all areas of its core responsibilities. The team has delivered over 97% of their obligations – on time and as promised.