New Hoval S design Plate Exchangers by Innergy tech: Better effectiveness - Bigger sizes - More flexibility

Innergy tech is unveiling its new and improved Hoval S design aluminum plate exchanger ready to ship in November.

Replacing the former N design, the new Hoval S design keeps all plate sizes and spacings previously offered and nearly doubles them with its two new plate sizes and seventeen new spacing options.

Thanks to its optimized smaller spacings, the new Hoval S design pushes the limit of our aluminum plate exchangers with never before reached effectiveness levels. In addition, the new Hoval S design introduces the biggest aluminum plate exchanger we ever offered to satisfy the needs of the biggest air handling units out there.

Hoval S design by Innergy tech is ready to ship in November and technical information is available from our website at For any additional information please contact us.


With the new Hoval S design, Innergy tech is the solution to your energy recovery requirements.

New features of the Hoval S design:

  • Doubles our Hoval plate exchanger offering
  • Increases our biggest plate exchanger size to 79" square
  • New 0.08" and 0.10" spacing for improved effectiveness
  • Plate sizes from 24" to 79"
  • Spacing from 0.08" to 0.25