Monday, 04 June 2018 16:41

Innergy tech is proud introducing our new IPE5 enthalpy plate exchanger into our selection software. This greatly improved product will be replacing our EPE5200 and 5500 models.

More square size, more spacing choices but especially a unique casing allowing wider plates in one section. At the same time we revamped the look and colors of our selection software to be more in phase with our new brand image.

All the previous features implemented into WINNERGY PRO will remain the same. Selecting your energy recovery components for your project will be as versatile and easy as before with our complete line of Fixed Plate Exchangers (sensible), Enthalpy Plate Exchangers (moisture), Heat Pipes, Wrap Around Heat Pipes and Energy Recovery Wheels (Heat Wheels). All our products are AHRI certified for performances. Feel free to consult the AHRI directory to get our AHRI certificate.

Based on a new software platform, WINNERGY PRO had been designed to enhance the user experience with an intuitive interface, an ease to use and direct calculations. All AHRI performances programming had been implemented with our unique psychometric program link to our complex algorithms for efficient and precise calculations.

Our FREE engineering software gives you all the information needed to complete your projects. You can print it, save it and reworked it anytime with the file's project.


  • New IPE5 enthalpy plate exchanger replacing models EPE5200 & EPE5500
  • New graphic design and colors

WINNERGY PRO 3.4 can be downloaded from our website at 
For any additional information please contact us.

WINNERGY PRO 3.4… Your life just got easier!